Oh la la Cheri Lunches Her SS17 Collection

Nearly ten years ago, he made it his aim to captivate women with seductive French styled lingerie and today Parisian-born designer Nicolas Attard is still working tirelessly at this goal through his super sexy lingerie brand, Oh là là Chéri.

At the heart of the Oh là là Chéri is the belief that women should celebrate their bodies no matter what their size and seductive lingerie is the optimum M.O. to achieve this. Whether it’s just admiring your curves in the wardrobe mirror or dressing up to please that special someone, Nicolas has produced his work to appeal to the feminine psyche and desire, which is pillared by that need to be both self-confident and admired.

This year, Oh là là Chéri celebrates that wonderful achievement of 10 years in the industry and has unfolded a multi-layered masterpiece collection that speaks to everything that underpins the brand’s philosophy and exemplifies that thing that makes women crave to be enveloped in the romanticism and sensuality that is lingerie with a French flair. SS17 is the triumphant entry of the brand into the New Year in celebration of such a poignant milestone.

Oh la la Cheri Lunches Her SS17 Collection

“Our Spring/Summer 2017 collection was inspired by our exclusive theme, Rosé All Day,” says brand designer, Nicolas Attard. “The design team drew inspiration from the perfect day of our Oh lὰ lὰ Chéri muse during warm spring days and hot summer nights.”

Considerations for both daytime flirting and evening seduction are built skillfully into the multiple layers of the collection.

“Soft lingerie with floral laces and shapes inspired by loungewear perfectly suit the Oh là là Chéri muse for her mornings and early afternoons. She spends her day in the soft spring sunlight with a bouquet of flowers and a glass of Rosé to celebrate her time in the light,” says Nicolas.

“The evening and late night completely speak her language. The design team created beautiful, dramatic pieces with body baring lines and hand cut tropical motifs.”

To this end Nicolas and his team have expertly combined impeccable ingredients like beautiful satins, luxurious laces and sculpting fabrics to create outstanding silhouettes that both subdue and celebrate the feminine form. Collections in SS17 are accordingly boldly flirtatious with the intent to lead to seduction, boasting inexhaustible choices that allow the Oh là là Chéri woman to cater to her every fantasy.

“Our customer loves to live her aspirational life and our Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Rosé All Day, gives her the wardrobe to do it in,” assures Nicolas.

Oh là là Chéri SS17 Collection

However, with such an extensive collection, a girl might wonder where to start to even enjoy the Oh là là Chéri offering and experience. Luckily, Nicolas offers the perfect advice which is to go dramatic, intertwining and blurring the lines between night and day for a continuously perfect muse. He suggests that layering is the ideal solution for radiating the flamboyance of the SS17 assortment.

“Our key shapes for this [SS17] collection are teddies, robes and babydolls” he advises. “Two and three piece sets remain very strong for our girls.”

And for those looking for an everyday piece, there’s still plenty to be had amongst the sultry Oh là là Chéri SS17 line-up. Ranges like Brigette, Elisa, Zana and Pauline offer bra sets that are full of the right amount of style and practicality for daily glamour.

A dark to light colour palette balances the seductive nocturnal feel of the collection against that of daytime frivolity. Designer Nicolas reveals that this was no easy feat.

“It is a complicated process for spring/summer,” he explains.” Keeping the drama, while carrying a lighter palette of color, is always a challenge.” A challenge that has been met beautifully by the brand through an imaginative mixture of hues and fabrics geared towards setting the ideal mood.

“Our color inspiration comes from our Rosé All Day theme and spirit. Colors are blended with patterned and textured fabrics allowing that even when darker colors are used, they carry a softer and lighter feel going along with spring summer season,” Nicolas explains regarding SS17 colourways.

“The collection, full of light corals and bright roses, serves up spring sexy for when the temperature outside starts to rise. Shades of rich grape and stand out diva blue scream “hot” during her nights in steamy barely lit courtyards sharing a bottle of Rosé.”

No matter the occasion or time of day Nicolas intends that the outcome is the same for all women who wear Oh là là Chéri: to feel beautiful, confident, empowered, sophisticated, well-fitted and comfortable.

To protect his brand identity and keep his mission on track, Nicolas and his team work closely with retailers in merchandizing his products, also helping them to achieve their own business success with the Oh là là Chéri name. So with such a momentous milestone to celebrate in the coming year, retailers can expect a lot of collaboration with the Oh lὰ lὰ Chéri team in promoting the brand.

Oh la la Cheri Lunches Her SS17 Collection

“We offer planograms and merchandising assortments allowing our buyers to build success stories,” Nicolas informs. “We have strong knowledge as to the different markets and demographics, and it allows us to be on point for our retailers to leverage it. We travel a lot to our customers and we are adaptive – listening to them and learning from them without imposing whilst keeping our integrity when it comes to our brand DNA.”

Nicolas promises to take things to another level with Oh là là Chéri, steering the brand in a new and exciting direction starting with the SS17 range.

“SS17 is introducing a new Oh là là Chéri with a more lifestyle driven feel,” Nicolas tells TLJ. “You will notice in the visuals and even styling that we are evolving. For our 10th anniversary, we are working on a special project which should impact the market and allow us to go to the next level.”

And despite the bumps in the road along the way in raising his brand to its present status, Nicolas says he would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Source : Lingerie Journal

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