Sofia Vergara Poses Completely Naked For Wome's Health Magazine

Sofia Vergara is a glam goddess, the star never holds back on her style and is an inspiration to all women for being able to effortlessly pull off such high heels at all times.

For her latest cover on Women’s Health, she took on an even bolder look and this time, pumps not included.

The “Modern Family” actress posed completely nude for the magazine’s first-ever Naked Issue and she opened up about how she keeps herself put together and the launch of her new EBY lingerie collection coming out this month.

Vergara’s sense of style is actually one of the things that attracted her husband, Joe Manganiello, to her in the first place. “One of the first things Joe told me when we started dating was, ‘I like how you’re always very well put together,” she reveals to the publication. “He said, ‘I’ve had girlfriends that are all day long prancing the house in sweats, no makeup…’ I’m not saying that’s bad; it’s great. For good or worse, it’s the way I grew up: Accept yourself but also be better than yourself.”

Sofia Vergara Poses Completely Naked For Wome's Health Magazine

As much thought as she puts into pairing her outfits with her heels, Vergara also has an eye for underwear. “I love underwear,” she excitedly says. She’s launching a new line of lingerie that’s not only comfortable, but is for a good cause. The new venture, called EBY, has partnered with the Seven Bar Foundation to provide 10-percent of sales toward financing small loans for women around the world so that can start their own businesses.“In countries where there is a lot of poverty, women are such an important force for the family,” Sofia explains. “And sometimes they have to endure horrible things because they don’t have the means to just pack up and leave. I want to give them something to be able to help themselves, to save some money, to be able to have more control of their lives.”

The Seven Bar Foundation has several brands taking part in the initiative, including lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, which also sells footwear, hosiery and accessories in addition to its sexy intimate apparel. 

You can get your first glimpse of the underwear Vergara wore throughout her cover shoot. On Vergara’s horizon, she also has this year’s Emmys coming up and we’re anticipating another pair of knockout heels from her.

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