1- The importance of a good choice.

You should be aware that the bra, beyond a pledge to help us enhance and beautify the neckline has a utility, hold the chest, as the name suggests. So it is important you make a good choice of it. However, studies show that seven out of ten women do not use the right size bra. Far from being a simple anecdote, this can lead to serious long-term problems such as back pain, postural distortions and even breast problems.
So wrong is wearing a bra too tight to hide big breast how to use two sizes larger to appear more bust.

2- bra size.

The first thing to know is the bra size and cup you better come. Sizes are measured in centimeters and are usually from 80 to 105. This measurement corresponds to the contour of the back. The cups are marked with letters (A, B, C, D and E) and corresponds to the contour of the breast.
Take tape measure, pencil and paper. First, take the measure of your back contour. This meter must surround the same just below the chest. Record it, for example, 95. Now do the same with the contour of your chest. You must surround the subway going back just above the nipple but not over tighten.
Suppose the result is 75. Do not forget that if you’re on your period your breasts may be more swollen than normal.
The first measure, 95, is your bra size.

3- cup size.

To find the cup must subtract the second part to the first (the previous step). And with the given example, 95-75 = 20.
With the difference that consultation have obtained the following relationship:
– For a difference of 10 inches corresponds a glass A.
– For a 15 cm Cup B.
– 17.5 C.
– 20 cup D.
– 22.5 inches cup E.
Therefore, if we look at the example we bring, the ideal glass is D.

4- Al tester!

It’s time to make your purchase. But careful! Although I know your measurements you should not trust you.
Please note that not all brands or models are equal and must prove her bra before purchasing.
Make sure the part that connects the two cups touch your skin, but you should never push or hurt you.
The cups must collect the chest and the rings must always below your breasts to be properly secured.
Make sure the strip back, where is buckled, it is not too high, it must be virtually the same height as your chest. Finally, raise your arms and verifies that the bra stays in place and does not move.
If so, congratulations! That’s your perfect bra.
5- One for every occasion.

We have seen the importance of the size but do not forget that the bra becomes almost a second skin that goes with you throughout the day. So you should adapt to the different activities you perform.
Not the same sitting in the office cycling. Ideally you should have several and use them according to the occasion. If you are sports specific fasteners without seams or hoops, breathable elastic material usually suit your every move.
During the day the best are the conventional fasteners, preferably cotton. The Foam called perfect because you will not increase the volume but shapes the chest. It takes only a small sponge padding that covers the nipples.
If you have to go tag or arranged, for example a dinner, you can use a bra called multi. They are fasten front and allows you to play with the straps or remove them depending on how is the dress you wear.
At night while sleeping is recommended that your chest is free. Only if you have a large bust bra can be used to prevent progressive collapse. Already some in the market specially designed for sleep known as ‘Nightbra’.
6- Increase or decrease.

There are also bras that can hide or correct some flaws. For example, if you have too large chest will achieve reduced to a size in the cup using a reducer.
These bras are specially designed so that the breast is distributed without oppressing or damage. There are also two types, the one with a double fabric around the crown and carrying a side cut it.
If, however, your breasts are small or even if they are somewhat separated, you can enhance them with fasteners ‘push-up’, which sometimes can increase up to two sizes. These appear on the market with two kinds of stuffing, classic pad shall be placed in the lower chest and those who are filled with gel, on the other hand, achieve a more natural effect.
7- Best bra.

Another question to ask yourself is if you buy your bra with underwire. The answer is yes. It is advisable even when your chest is normal or small it provides a positive grip and it favors the neckline and profile.

Those crescent favor enhancement effect while an entire hoop serves to collect.

Only if you reject the hoops you had any chest operation recently, you’re nursing your baby or you are in an advanced state of pregnancy.

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