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Buying lingerie from a boutique or shop has always been viewed as an embarrassing task. However with the increasing number of lingerie shops and boutiques all over America, people have now become accustomed to the concept of shopping for such items openly.

Despite the availability of such shops and the number of customers visiting them, some women still feel embarrassed shopping for lingerie. Styles that you will come across in a lingerie shop are discussed below.

Baby Doll Set:

This category of lingerie has a broad range of items in it. But to define it in general words, it is more like a bodice which has a loose robe on top and a bottom that matches it. This 2 piece set has a top which is loosely fitted and has a length that covers the first half of the body only. Baby doll sets are made up of various materials such as lace, silk or satin and have very sensuous designs.


Chemise is somewhat similar to a baby doll set in the sense that it has a similar top that fits loosely but is much longer. The top hangs with halter or spaghetti straps. It is A-lined and this gives it the advantage of suiting every body structure. You can even opt for a figure control design in these in case you think your waist and belly is too bulky or disproportionate. At times you can grab hold of a bottom that matches the chemise perfectly but this is not necessary as it depends on the style of the chemise. Chemise can be found in various textures such as silk patterns, lace and satin. So you can choose which fabric you like more.


Camisoles have spaghetti straps to hold them at the shoulders and are loose in fitting. They are mostly worn under transparent shirts but now that trends are changing, these are also worn as regular tops and can be matched with skirts or shorts casually.


Corsets were worn under frocks in the 1970s to tuck the belly in and keep the body in shape. Today they serve the same function. They squeeze the body inward to give it more curves and these can work wonders to make the body curves appear perfect and symmetrical. At times corsets can be very difficult to handle especially when they are meant to give dramatic effects. In case you are a first timer in wearing these then choose something you can comfortably wear. Corsets are also being designed now to be worn as outerwear for parties and dinner occasions.

Bridal Set:

These are also known as “merry widow” and comprise of a large variety of shapes and designs. In general they comprise of a camisole top, bra or a corset and panties that go with it. Most of the times a pair of stockings or grater belt are also part of the set. Designs may vary from full to very little coverage barely consisting of straps and tiny tops.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are meant mostly for people who don’t have a perfect body and want comfort along with sex appeal. These are shorts that hug the figure and almost completely cover the buttocks. They also cover the sides completely keeping your body in shape and letting you relax in your bedroom while looking good too. They range from cotton boy shorts to laced ones.


Bikinis range from full buttocks coverage and loose fittings to tight fittings and side straps. They have a very wide variety of fabrics and prints to choose from.


Thongs are T shaped at the back with hardly an inch thick side straps. The front side varies from minimal coverage to full ones and the back has almost close to no coverage at all. They are the favorites for most people as beach wear. They are casually worn indoors and outdoors. If you are wearing a tight dress or clothing then thongs will suit the outfit. They come in lycra, cotton or micro fiber for added comfort.

G- String

These are different but somewhat similar to thongs as they have no coverage at all at the back. The rear straps go inside the buttocks and don’t appear to exist when a G-String is worn.

Garter Belt

A garter belt serves primarily to hold a stocking in position upwards. One of the straps goes in front of a leg and the other goes behind it. Same goes for the other two straps. At times a corset is attached to these straps from the edge.

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