In a large number of cases, women seeking breast augmentation procedures are not looking to experience a radical adjustment to the shape and size of their breasts. It is quite normal for procedures to be undertaken that adjust size by as little as a half a cup size. In these cases one of the most common questions asked by patients of their surgeons is “how obvious will it be that I have had breast surgery?”

As with most questions about elective surgery the answer is subjective. So much relies on the woman herself, her lifestyle, her friends and her job that it is impossible to give a direct definitive answer to that question. The best results will be achieved by discussing your goals and concerns with a board certified professional and experienced plastic surgeon, they will be able to provide you with answers more tailored to your individual circumstances. There are some general pieces of advice that are applicable to the vast majority of women considering breast augmentation however.

The concern of whether breast augmentation will be too noticeable is often heard from professional women or women in executive positions working in an office environment. Women in these jobs would not want to be taken less seriously because of a decision they have taken for personal reasons. The most important factor defining how noticeable your surgery will be is size of implant the bigger the difference to your appearance will obviously be. There are some things that you may already be doing that will help your appearance not change so radically. If you are wearing padded or push-up brassieres before surgery then you will be moving to a bra with less padding. You may wish to schedule surgery for the winter when it is normal to wear heavier clothing to combat the cold.

Another important tip is to ensure you give yourself adequate healing and recovery time before returning to work, that may be difficult to explain as medical leave for elective cosmetic surgery but reserving vacation time and using them judiciously can allow more time before you have to return to the office environment. If it is possible for you to effectively telecommute then that is another good option. Certainly you should ensure you meet all medical requirements for absolute bed rest and zero physical activity in the time immediately following your breast augmentation surgery.

Discuss with your surgeon your concerns regarding others noticing on your breast enhancement and they will be happy to offer you the best advice they can give on the subject to ensure that you can proceed with confidence, comfort and the knowledge that you are making the right decision that is in your best interest.

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