While breast augmentation surgery is a common and normal cosmetic procedure, any surgery can come with potential risk. Knowing and understanding the potential risk ahead of time will help reduce potential complications when making the decision to obtain plastic surgery.

First and foremost, it is best to research the surgeon you are selecting. Ensure the plastic surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If you have the opportunity to work with a double-board certified surgeon that further decreases the potential for complications. All surgeons who are board certified have undergone extensive training and meet all the criteria for certification. Never allow a surgeon who is not board certified perform your surgery. Some of the potential risks of breast augmentation surgery include the following:

HematomaHematoma occurs when blood pools in the surgical area. After the operation, a mass from pooled blood has the potential to form that can be painful. Depending on the size of the hematoma, it may depart on its own or it may require surgical intervention. This issue can be prevented by not taking any products that thins the blood such as ibuprofen two weeks prior to your surgery. Certain over the counter supplements can also affect the blood’s ability to clot, so keep in constant communication with your surgeon prior to your surgery.

Infection Any surgery has a chance of infection. The classic symptoms of an infection will include a fever, chills, swelling, tenderness, inflammation and the area being hot to the touch. Most infections can be treated with antibiotics and most plastic surgeons will place you on antibiotics to prevent an infection from developing. If you develop a fever of 101 degrees or more contact your surgeon at once.

Loss of sensationDuring the healing process, it is normal for your breasts to experience a partial loss of sensation. Your breast may feel numb or overly sensitive and in some rare cases these sensations can become permanent. It is quite impossible to predict how your body will react to the surgery and if you have any concerns about the possibility of losing sensations in one or both of your breasts, spend the time talking with your surgeon.

These are only a few of the potential risks that you should be aware of when considering breast augmentation surgery, but almost any patient will testify that the pros far outweigh any temporary adverse reactions to the surgery. Take the time and go over all the possible risks with your surgeon prior to having surgery. Also keep in mind that breast augmentation surgery is one of the most routine types of plastic surgery. There is a great chance that you will experience none of these potential risks, however having the knowledge will allow you to make a more educated choice.

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