7 Considerations You Have To Know When Buying Big Bra Size

Finding the right fit when buying a big bra is an adventure in itself.

The process can also be very expensive especially if you buy the wrong size and have to buy again and again and again until you find something that actually fits and is comfortable.

Only waiting to do it all over again in another 6 months! Here are a list of 7 things you can look for in big bras to avoid the nightmare of buying the wrong bra and making the experience fun, sexy and friendly.

1. Learning how to wear a big bra 

The first thing to do is look at how you currently wear your bra is the back band vertical to the front band and is it located just under the base of the breasts. If so great you are wearing your bra correctly if not you have better adjust your bra so you know where to place your bra when you go shopping to get maximum benefit from the big bra design.

2. Does the big bra sit flat on your chest? 

In between the breasts at the bottom of the cleavage is almost the bottom of a bone called the sternum. The band that joins the two cups together needs to be sitting flat on the sternum to ensures that the idea of the big bra working from bottom up, is actually able to perform it’s job to support the breasts. If it is off the sternum this means that your bra size is too small and you need to go bigger!

3. Evaluating the cup size 

Be honest with yourself, if your breasts are spilling out of the cup it is obvious that the bra is too small for you no matter how sexy and comfortable it is. If there are wrinkles or grooves in the bra and gaps between your breasts and the cup this means that the big bra is simply just too big and you will need to go down some sizes to find the bra with the cup for you.

4. Finger test 

The bra is designed to work from the bottom up not from the top down like most women assume. This is vitally important for busty women to understand when buying a bra that it does not need to suffocate you. Instead you should be able to easily run your finger under the bottom band of the bra and still have some slight resistance to movement of the finger. If you don’t the bar is either too tight or not tight enough.

5. The strapless test 

Try the straps on for about 10-20mins then pull the straps off to the side and see if you have any red marks where the straps where. If you do the straps are providing too much support and need to be loosen. Loosen the straps and see if the bra still feels the same.

6. The Under-wire Poke

The under-wire is a popular choice among busty women as it provides more support in their big bras however every women hates getting the poke from the under-wire. To ensure this does not happen make sure the under-wire sits just under the base of the breast and runs smoothly under the armpit towards the back If it pokes the inside of your arm it’s too small, if it pokes up in the arm pit your bra is to large. Adjust your size accordingly and try again.

7. The sitting test

Try sitting down and performing activates like typing or what you might do at work, does the bra feel much different is it still comfortable. If it’s uncomfortable look around for another one.

Choosing and buying big bras is not always easy, especially when considering style, comfort, and fit.

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