8 Pantie Mistakes You’re Probably Making and How to Fix Them

“When we talk about intimates, we hear a lot about bras—how we’re wearing the wrong size, how they should really fit, etc. pantie, however, is often overlooked,” stated Mariana.

“Therefore, we tend to over-simplify how we buy ours. We forget choosing the right type of pantie truly sets the foundation for your entire day. Taking more time to be conscious of what you’re wearing under “there” can go a long way in helping you look great, and feel great too!”

1. You’re wearing a size too small.

If there’s ever a time to put vanity aside and purposely go a size up in your clothes, it’s with your pantie! Too-tight skivvies can pinch and give you muffin top or VPL (visible panty line), not to mention increase your chances of nether-region unpleasantness like a UTI or yeast infection.

2. You’re wearing the wrong pantie with that outfit.

A thong may prevent VPL, but it’s not always the best pantie for your body-con clothes. If it’s made from textured lace, for example, it will still show through a tight, lightweight dress. A better choice in this case might be a seamless boyshort, especially one with slightly longer “legs” to prevent ride-up. Wearing a high-waisted skirt? Try a high-waisted brief vs. a low-rise bikini to help smooth out the tummy area.

3. You’re buying panties without lay-flat seams.

Consider lay-flat, or “hidden,” seams your BFF in the panties world. If seams (both outer and inner) aren’t flat, particularly across your waistband and booty, your skivvies will inevitably bulk up under clothing, create VPL (yes, even if it’s a thong) and cause irritation against your skin.

4. You’re wearing mesh pantie in the summer.

It may seem like mesh pantie is more breathable, but you’ll be surprised to hear it’s not. Synthetic materials such as polyester hold and trap heat, moisture and bacteria—putting you at greater risk for yeast infections and UTIs, not to mention just feeling uncomfortable all day. In the summer, it’s best to wear pantie made with natural, breathable materials such as cotton or bamboo that absorb and/or wick moisture away from the skin.

5. You’re wearing white pantie with your white clothing.

This may sound good in theory, but think again. Unless your skin tone is stark white, the contrast of the pantie against your skin will cause it to show through white clothing. Instead, wear pantie closest in color to your skin tone, which will literally disappear underneath clothing.

6. You’re wearing light pantie with your dark-colored clothing.

Most people (we hope!) know not to wear dark pantie through light-colored clothing, but did you know you can also see light pantie through dark-colored clothing? Especially if a camera flash is involved. You’re literally airing your dirty laundry. So if you’re wearing a black dress, it’s best to stick to black skivvies.

7. You’re putting your pantie in the washing machine (or worse yet, in the dryer).

Both hot water from the washing machine and heat from the dryer can ruin the stretch of your pantie. What’s more, skivvies made with delicate materials such as silk or lace can easily get tangled or torn with zippers, buttons and other hardware from your other clothes. To extend the life of your pantie, it’s best to hand wash and hang to dry. If you must machine wash, do so in the gentle cycle and always inside a mesh lingerie bag.

8. You’re not spending enough on your skivvies.

It’s tempting to save money on your skivvies and spend it on that pair of heels instead—after all, that’s what everyone will see. But even if you are the only one who ever sees your pantie, remember that this is the foundation to your entire look. The right underthings have the power to literally make or break how you walk, talk, look and feel throughout any given day. A $5.00 pair of pantie may seem like a good deal at first, but most likely won’t stand the test of comfort, or time. The cheaper the pantie, the lower the quality—expect materials that are rough against your skin, exposed seams that dig-in as well as show through clothes, pantie that’s not lined properly, or ill-fit that can cause ride-up, among other things. Good quality pantie, on the other hand, will be made with first-rate materials for comfortable, all-day wear, superior attention to fit and will hold both its appearance and fit after numerous washings (hand-washings, that is!).

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