Whether you’re in an established relationship or have only recently started seeing someone, Christmas should be one of the times of year that you feel closest to one another. The purchase of some sexy Christmas lingerie could be the perfect way to achieve this. Are you confused as to what to buy? This article should help to give you some handy pointers in the right direction.

The main thing is to make your partner feel special. If you’ve been in a relationship for many years and your wife or partner has had children they may not feel quite as sexy as they used to. However, the purchase of a special piece of lingerie can send a signal to your partner that you still find them attractive and would like them to carry on wearing sexy lingerie. Purchasing sexy underwear can also give you brownie points if you’re in a newer relationship. Buying something sexy for her to wear should also result in a smile being brought to her face every time she spots the lingerie in her underwear drawer and remind her that you are a conscientious and caring partner.

Before you make your purchase you should definitely look around to see what’s available rather than panic buying something at the last minute. You should always avoid buying something that looks tarty – she won’t appreciate it and it will send out all the wrong signals. The combination of bright red and black is definitely something to avoid. There’s nothing worse than picking something out that she wouldn’t be seen dead in that will ultimately spend months sat in a bedroom drawer.

To avoid the embarrassment of buying the incorrect sized lingerie, make sure that you take a sneak peek in your wife or partner’s lingerie drawer to see what size bra and pants she wears. One of the worst mistakes that men make is to buy something that is bigger than their partner’s size. If you do this you run the risk of your partner taking it the wrong way. Women don’t like men to think they’re larger than they really are – this is a big no no!

Whilst you’re doing this, look at the shape of the lingerie that she likes. There is no point buying something ridiculously skimpy if this is not her cup of tea. Also, make a decision as to what your budget is and stick to it. It’s often a good idea to browse online in order to ascertain what sorts of things are available in your price range. Lingerie purchased from your nearest bricks and mortar shop can often be more expensive than online alternatives. Even if you have a relatively small budget you can still purchase something that looks the part rather than something that looks slutty or tarty.

Once you have chosen something suitable for your partner – whether it’s babydoll lingerie, a lingerie set, a basque, a chemise or even some sexy Santa lingerie – you can add an extra special touch by opting to have it gift wrapped for just a few pounds more. This will make it feel much more personal.

If all goes to plan, you’ll have an extra special Christmas together. However, it’s always advisable to hang onto the receipt just in case.

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