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Passionata, a brand in the Chantelle Group, is a French lingerie brand founded in 1988. Its target market is working women and its icon is the image of a woman who lives life to the full.

The brand enjoys a strong presence in Europe with a large distribution network: retailers, department stores, mass distribution and, since 2008, has stores in France and Germany.


Passionata originated in France in 1988. Its first advertising campaign features working women: a passionate archeologist and a photographer, among others. Within a year, the Passionata brand was successfully launched in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

The 1990s

Passionata launches bold and feminine collections: flounced waist cinchers and low-cut bodices.

The 2000s

Passionata highlights Latin influences by launching colorful, feminine lines reflecting the warmth found in sites such as Naples, Punta Cana and Managua. The decade’s star line is Passio, available in a broad range of tropical colors.

The 2010s: the Passionista

Passionata introduces the term Passionista to denote the “Passionata woman”, described as a modern woman at ease with herself and passionate about fashion, with a sparkling and sexy lifestyle. The Passionista is an icon of la muchacha feliz, glamour and seduction.



Passionata benefits from the know-how of the Chantelle Group, a century-old lingerie maker, to which it belongs. The group offers different lingerie brands on an international scale: Chantelle, Chantal Thomass, Passionata, Darjeeling and Femilet.

The Chantelle Group is committed to respect for women through operations such as La Flamme Marie Claire, which promotes girls’ schooling around the world.

Distribution network

The Passionata brand is present in all lingerie distribution channels. In September 2008, the brand launched its own dedicated stores. Today there are 25 in France and 3 in Germany.



The Passionata brand’s team of designers works with trend agencies in order to align its collections with the trends for each season. It also draws its inspiration during numerous shopping sessions around the world.



Passionata develops two collections a year, which include several product lines. These lines are made up of tops, bottoms and other lingerie items. They are offered in several colors. The brand uses fine lingerie materials, such as lace and embroidery, and offers carefully worked embellishments (bows, decorated straps, etc.).


The brand develops a Swimwear collection each year that comprises several colorful and printed lines in step with current trends. Each line is composed of several tops and different bottoms, offering the consumer a wide choice.


Top model

The Israeli model Bar Refaeli has embodied the Passionata woman since 2008.

Iconic advertising campaigns

1988: Launch campaign 1998 -2000: “The Wolves” press, poster and television campaign 2001- 2003: “The Sea” press, poster and television campaign 2004- 2005: The stairs 2006-2007: “As seen by…” press and poster campaign 2008: “Rocking horse” campaign by David Lachapelle 2010-2013: Press and poster campaigns with Bar Refaeli


The Passionata brand is present on the web: on an official website and on social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram).

Event-based campaigns

Crazy Horse – January 2008

In January 2008, Passionata officially launched its new brand identity during the Salon International de la Lingerie trade fair. Journalists and clients were invited to the Crazy Horse to discover the new logo, developed in collaboration with the Laurent & Laurence agency, and the commercial directed by David Lachapelle. To mark the occasion, a few acts from the famous Crazy Horse revue were adapted, featuring the dancers on stage dressed in Passionata lingerie. A special act was created for the occasion.

Pavillon Cambon Evening – March 2010

In March 2010, Passionata invited the press to discover the autumn/winter 2010 collection at the Pavillon Cambon. Bar Refaeli, the collection’s star model, was present. Six hundred journalists attended the event to interview her and discover the show for the collection, composed of mini sketches. Bar Refaeli closed the show with the other models.

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