Wearing a bra is a daily routine. But that doesn’t mean that all women of all ages know the correct way of putting on a bra. There are bras with front closure and others have it in back. Some sports bra don’t have a closure at all. You have to put them on the way you get into a shirt.

Here are some basic steps in getting into your brassiere:

* Make sure that the straps are at full length.

* Bend forward into the cups. See to it that your breasts rest comfortably on the support pads. Check the fit, making sure that the cups are not tight and not too loose.

* Fasten the closure. If it is a front closure, be sure to fasten it securely, or else you will have an overhang. For back closure, reach behind you to hook the bra on the middle hooks.

* Adjust the straps at your shoulder. Don’t make them so tight that they will make an indentation. Not too loose, either, or they will fall from your shoulders and they’ll be dangling outside your shirt.

* Arrange your breast by inserting your right hand inside the cup and lifting the breast while your left hand is aligning the underwire on your ribcage along the natural fold of your breast to prevent squeezing the delicate tissue. Do the same procedure on the other side.

* Stretch your body to your full height, moving from side to side see how the straps fit and feel. They should be on your shoulders comfortably without a tight feeling. Make adjustments as needed until you’ve got the perfect fit.

* Check yourself in front of a mirror. A woman’s breasts normally differ in size, shape, symmetry, and spacing. So, make sure that each nipple is in the middle of each cup.

* Adjust the back of the bra so it lies smoothly between your shoulder blades.

* Take a series of short and long deep breaths and see how it feels.

Some advice about getting a bra. Each manufacturer has its own style of cuts; that is true of bras as well as shoes. You might be a size 36B in one brand but a 36C in another. There may even some brands you can never wear at all. The confusion of finding your right size may be caused by the unreliable standard of bra size charts, or maybe because the methods of measuring are conflicting, or the different advice from sales agents.

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